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A home based business with true profits and no rules or gimmicks.


Have you been thinking about starting you own home based jewely business? Well now you have that opportunity, without all the rules and regulations of the other companies. With our jewelry packages, you never join a membership and can do whatever, sell to whomever, whereever you want!
You don't work for us, we simply provide you the goods, and you are the one who works the magic. These jewelry party companies are successfull only because of you. So why not reap ALL the profits for yourself? Most of these jewelry party programs allow you to make 30%-45% profit. With our packages your profit is whatever you want it to be, you set your prices, and we give you even better quality jewelry for half of what they give it to you.
Lets give an example of a jewelry party company, Paparazzi. Paparazziwill have you sell a pair of earrings to your customer for $5. After you sell that you get roughly $2.40. 
We sell similar earrings for 0.52c - 0.95c each. So your profit would actually to $4.48-$4.05 per sale! Isn't that better than $2.40? 
  Papparazzi      WholesaleRunway      Your profit with us 
Earrings $5 .52c - 0.95c $4.48 - $4.05 

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The same situation goes for our necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and rings. There is no jewelry party company out there that would allow you to make such high margins on their goods. That is because they want a cut in your hard work. 
Cut out the middle man, and make yourself the person to reap the benefits of your work.
You Can Have It All!
  • Start your own business by buying a lot of jewelry for just $99.
  • Set your own schedule.
  • Make 60%- 85% profit and more.
  • Exceptional pricing and quality.
  • Name your own prices.
  • Sell wherever and whenever you want.
  • Online sales and advertising is ok.
  • We can pack your orders based on the styles your customers like, our selection/inventory is much more assorted then the others.
  • No fees, or memberships, or pyramid schemes here.
  • No rules. You make the rules.


  Papparazzi      WholesaleRunway      Your profit with us 
Necklaces $5 .56c- 0.95c $4.44 - $4.05 

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Unlimited Income Potential for your Home Based Business.

Sell in the comfort of your own home with home parties.

A Just Jewelry home or office event is a fun and relaxing environment for customers to shop. There are no scripted presentations or high pressure sales. Customers can shop at their leisure, and they will love that your cash-and-carry inventory allows them to try before they buy!


Sell on the go and look fabulous while you are doing it.

Have cute display cases ready to go in your trunk. Wear your stunning jewelry out, and when you get that compliment, make sure to mention you have some with you that you could show them for a great price right now. Moms love to shop while kids are playing at the indoor playground. Or ladies love to shop while getting their nails done. The opportunities are endless.


Sell at community events and get to meet the amazing peoeple in your area.

In addition to home parties, you can sell our products at neighborhood events, community festivals, holiday bazaars and even larger venues like trade shows or national conferences. These events are great ways to market your business to large numbers of people. If there is a neighborhood yard sale, or a monthly flea market in your area, then grap your visor and lawn chair and go meet people have fun and most of all make that money.

Sell through fundraiser and Support the causes you care about.

This is one of our favorite ways people can earn a living and give back to the causes they are passionate about. They can help schools, community organizations and groups raise funds for a cause. You decide how much profit the organization can earn. With every jewelry purchase your customer base grows along with your ability to impact your community! Think about how much you can help your place of worship, shelter, animal rescue and so much more. This may very well fill your heart and life with love, gratitude and positive karma. 

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